Julie Obsesses, the beginning! Well, sort of…

This blog has been brewing for years now. Each time I found something new to obsess about, I’d think, you should write a blog about this. And it never happens. I never sit and do it. So today I’m doing it! Here is my first attempt at providing my greatest fans (that’s you) with awesome content you can’t wait to read and pictures that are mediocre but will improve with time. I promise. About the mediocre pictures, that is. I can’t guarantee the awesome content. You just might not get me. But give me time! I might grow on you…

So who the heck is Julie?! I am a 42 year old woman, happily married and the mom to two incredibly beautiful and intelligent daughters. I am a full time Veterinary Technician and animal lover. I am a dog lover and a bird nerd. I am an Herbalife Distributor. I am a health and fitness junkie, a fair weather runner and HIIT lover. I am a home cooker. I am a nutrition novice but always learning. I am a gardener, canner and preserver. I am a knitter and crocheter. I am an aspiring blogger. I am a wine drinker.

That’s me on the bottom. The people above me, they are my everything. They are the reason I am all of the things listed above. They are the reason I try to grow some of our food. They are the reason why I work hard to keep myself, and them, healthy. They are the reason I try to cook whole and healthy food at home. And, sometimes, they are the reason I drink wine!

What can you expect from my blog? I can tell you what I know for sure.

  • It is Spring and the garden is on my mind. Planting, growing and eating! I’m not an expert, but we can learn together!
  • Meal Prep! I try to plan meals weekly. Sometimes I’m successful. Sometimes I’m not. It should get more consistent after softball season. Add Softball Mom to the list of things I am.
  • Herbalife products will also be part of my blog. It is a product line I love and believe in. I am a distributor for Herbalife. It is not my main source of income. Let’s be real, it’s not a source of income at all, at this point! Would I like it to be? Yes. You will see me promote the products but I will not beat you over the head with it. Thank you for still reading!
  • Recipes! Some I write myself. Others that I found and enjoyed so much I wanted to share with you! All credit will be given to the original poster, of course.

Well there you have it. My first blog post. I have been writing and rewriting it in my head for years. It has changed over the years, depending on what I am obsessing about at the time. But what I have found is that I obsess over the things that are making me happy. And just maybe, it will be something that makes you happy too. So I’ll share, you can read, and we will both be happy!

Thanks for stopping in! Julie

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