A Fit-ish Girls Nightmare! An injury!

I have terrible feet. It’s true! In the gene pool of life, I was given bad feet. There are worse things, I suppose. I could have been given weirdly strong man hands. Or shoulders so oddly broad for a woman that you get stuck in dresses in the fitting room and have to contemplate cutting yourself out of, or just go buy and wear home! Oh, wait! I have those too!

Back to the offending feet. I have bone spurs in not one, but BOTH of my big toes. What does that mean? It means my toes hurt all the time. It means limited mobility due to the arthritis in them. It means modified backward lunges due to said limited mobility in my foot. It means tennis shoes for every outfit. It means no high heals or sexy shoes EVER AGAIN! Sigh. I used to love sexy shoes…

But then one day I was in the expensive old lady shoe store (because that is where rich old ladies and poor people with bad feet buy their shoes) and saw a pair of very UN old lady sandals.  These gorgeous girls were calling my name!  They were perfect!  Colors that match everything, comfort and a platform that made me feel like I was wearing a heel, but was also wide enough that it wasn’t wobbly.  Or so I thought…

And then I wore my beautiful sandals to a backyard BBQ.  I felt great!  Drank a few beers, had to use the bathroom.  I came back outside fresh as a daisy and walked right into a divot in the driveway and turned my ankle sideways.  I SCORPION-ED my foot like the videos on Ridiculousness.  I didn’t fall down.  Nope, not me.  I walked it off.  And it really didn’t feel like it hurt that much.  (Thank you, beer.)  

Like a smart person who works in a medical field and understands injuries, I rested that ankle.  For 2 WHOLE days…  Because, although I am a smart person who works in a medical (veterinary) field, I am also a fit-ish girl who obsesses about getting her work out in!  And what does that mean?  I went ahead and worked out.  I mean, it only hurt a little.  And it’s probably just bruised, right?  Well, I’ll find out tomorrow when I go to the foot doctor.  Because 2 weeks after said injury, my ankle and the top of my foot are now swollen and I’m having a hard time gimping around. It is actually much WORSE than immediately after the injury.  No good!  What was I thinking?  



There is the offending foot.  Elevated while I prepare to write.  The only thing missing is my ice pack and Tiger Balm, aka Old Lady Cream.  

So what is my point?  I may have learned my lesson.  But the workout must carry on! So how does a fit-ish person work out with an injury?  She Googles, of course!  I Googled workouts to do with a foot injury.  I clicked on the first YouTube video that came up and was very pleasantly surprised.  I discovered Caroline Jordan and her super positive and effective floor and chair workouts.  She even has an and entire hurt foot fitness program .  I started the first video and thought there was no way this was going to do anything to keep me fit.  I mean, I use the Jillian Michaels App 4-5 days a week.  Intense HIIT training!  But by the end of my first Caroline Jordan mat session, I was covered in sweat.  No weights, no cardio, but on the floor body weight training.  I’m hooked!  And super excited about my new find.  THIS is what will keep me from making the same mistake I always make with an injury…  Not resting my injury long enough!  After my foot is healed, I feel like these videos can be used on an active rest day.  Or after a run.  Or on one of those days when I am just so bone tired from a 10 hour work day that I can’t bear the thought of 35 minutes of Jillian telling me this move is going to make you feel like you’re going to die…  Some days I just don’t need that in my life.  

**UPDATE**  Back from the foot doctor!  My worst fear was a fracture and weeks in a boot.  Not being able to work because it needs to be rested.  FYI, veterinary technicians do not rest.  But I got GOOD-ISH news!  I strained the ligaments between my 4th and 5th metatarsals and my cuboidal bone.  In other words, I wrenched the shit out of the area where my last two toe bones start to connect into my ankle.  And it’s going to be a long haul because I’m on my feet so much.  But no break and no boot!  And I can keep working.  Because if I couldn’t work, you all were going to start hearing a WHOLE lot more about how great Herbalife is!  LOL!




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