Art Mom Weekend, Meal Prep & I Bought a Blog!

I had a new experience this weekend.  My daughter Gwen had her debut art show!  She’s been an artist since day one.  As I youngster, I had to supply my girl with tablets to draw on.  If I didn’t, she would draw on whatever she could get her hands on, including the check book.  Her work is beautiful and her talent is only growing.  I can see myself spending more and more time by her side at art venues.


See that owl to the right of my gorgeous kid?  (Go ahead!  Click on the picture and enlarge it.  You know you want to!)  That’s mine!  An original piece from Gwen for my birthday.  And the Spider Man comic next to it?  My husband’s Father’s Day present, replicated from his childhood comic book collection.  We get the best gifts from this kid!  My girl is going places!

The rest of my weekend was spent catching up.  With friends, with life, with cleaning, with laundry, with preserving.  My garden, while not the best I’ve ever grown, still has a harvest to preserve.  The beets!  Oh my, the beets!  (An acquired taste, I know)  And tomatillos  are falling off the plant!  Stay tuned for a future blog post to share my Chipolte Tomatillo Salsa salsa recipe.

On to this week’s meal prep!  Monday was the first day of Fall and to celebrate I made Pumpkin Spice smoothies.  Let’s be clear.  I like pumpkin spice but I’m not one of those pumpkin spice fanatics.  I’m not running out searching Ohio for the supposed Pumpkin Spice White Claw or anything.  I’m just enjoying a Fall themed smoothie.  LOL!  00000img_00000_burst20190922210351207_cover

In my containers above I have 2 scoops Vanilla Formula One and 2 scoops Vanilla Protein Drink Mix.  Then I topped it off with some pumpkin pie spice.   I used canned pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie filling, and froze it into cubes in an ice cube tray.  Three Vitamin A and fiber filled cubes go into my blender cup with my mix and water.  So good and so filling!  You could also just add a scoop of pumpkin from the can and some ice.  I made three servings because that’s how many cups were clean.  Aren’t they cute?  But there’s only two up there, right?  I used my trusty former-server-I-can-carry-anything-hands and carried my cups to the table to photograph.  AAANNNDDD I dropped one!  Herbalife everywhere!  So, yes, I get a great discount on the stuff but still!  It isn’t free!  (You could get a discount too!  Just ask me how!)  Needless to say I was a little disappointed in my trusty (not so trusty) hands.


For lunch I made Protein Egg and Quinoa Salad Jars from  These salads were really easy to throw together.  I made a big batch of quinoa in the Instant Pot and froze half of it for future use.  Made as directed in the recipe, these salads were a little too small for me.  Sorry Skinny Taste.  So I bulked them up with more of the low calorie ingredients.  I used a bunch more arugula and tomatoes in each salad.  I also used 1 1/2 hard boiled eggs in each salad.  These salads were great and will be added into the regular lunch rotation.  The avocado did not get mushy or brown because it was in the tangy lemon dressing.  They were SO good.   Snacks this week were celery and hummus.  I didn’t think you needed a picture of that.  I’m sure you can figure it out.  Ha!

We’ve made a big step here at Julie Obsesses.  I say “we” because I’m never blogging alone.  My faithful sidekick Lola, always at my feet, by my side, or in my chair with me.


But back to our big step!  We bought the blog!  Yes, I purchased my domain name and I am a big girl in the blog world now.  No more  in my name!  It’s officially  And that means I have a little follow box down in the right hand corner.  You can click on it to get my posts sent directly to you email.  Go on, click it…  Make a girl and her dog feel good.

Thanks for reading!

Julie (and Lola)




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